What Have You Got to Lose?: 9 Truths to Consider

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by Bill Scheer
Kindle Edition

Book Description

Innovative Pastor Bill Scheer of GUTS Church will inspire you to consider 9 truths about God including: There is a Heaven – and There is a Hell, You are a Sinner – and You Can’t Save Yourself, and The Bible is for Real.

Pastor Bill will encourage you to consider the truth about God in this dynamic, evangelizing church resource. Scheer points out that even though the world offers little hope, there is no other option – truth. The Bible offers constants that have never changed over thousands of years.

Be inspired to consider 9 truths in respect to your personal life including:
•There is a God – And He is Not You
•There is a Devil and He’s Not Good
•There is a Heaven – and There is a Hell
•The Bible is for Real – And God is Talking to You
•You are a Sinner – and You Can’t Save Yourself
•Jesus is Perfect – And He Can Save You

This strong, straightforward scriptural message is a great church resource, perfect for new believers and giveaways.
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